Things That Can Help You Survive Lyme Disease

This is a page dedicated to showing you the things you can get to help you in your Lyme journey. Some are free, others you might have to buy, but all of them are extremely helpful for anyone battling Lyme disease.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links.

Epsom Salt Detox: One of the best ways to help your body detox is taking an Epsom Salt bath. By pouring a few cups of Epsom Salt into warm bath water you can create an added method to pulling toxins out of the body. I’ve personally used this method on quite a few occasions, and even will use this method when recovering from other minor bugs during cold and flu season. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this method, but a word of caution: if you are already experiencing a pretty nasty herx reaction this can increase the symptoms initially since you’re speeding things up, but when complete you’ll feel an immense amount of relief afterwords so in my opinion it’s worth it.

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Enema Kit: One of the more sensitive methods used in getting through a bad Herxheimer Reaction is using an enema kit. Most people who have tried them swear by them, claiming to feel REJUVINATED AND FULL OF ENERGY afterwords. I think it’s safe to say this subject is one you won’t often hear people talk about, but it is extremely common and used for all types of reasons in the medical industry. For me personally, I would do anything if it meant helping my body overcome the effects of Lyme disease.

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