Getting Started With Surviving Lyme Disease

Hello there! I’m Clay Phillipp, a fellow surviver of Lyme disease. If you’re new to the world of Lyme, know someone who might have it, or just looking to learn more, this is the page for you! It contains all the information you’ll need to get up to speed quickly and start your own path to Surviving Lyme Disease!

Surviving Lyme Disease: Core Values

In order to fully understand the purpose of this site, we must first cover the core values behind it. I survived Lyme disease myself. I have first hand experience battling the relentless symptoms that come with Lyme, and there was a point in time I had nearly given up trying to beat it.

I never want to see another person go through Lyme disease without hope again.

I found answers and I found a way to overcome what I thought was impossible. With full transparency I want to share my story – and share what I know in order to help others. Along the way I plan to find other inspiring stories and share them as well.
In other words, I plan to shed light on the misunderstandings that exist today, and hopefully with a positive outlook from my example you can have hope that there is an end to the suffering.

The Surviving Lyme Disease Model

The foundation that I follow when tackling Lyme disease is all about getting to know your own body. Become familiar with your own skin and learning to listen to your individual and unique needs. Lyme is complex, and because of that it will most likely affect you differently than it will someone else. There are co-infections and side effects from the side effects.

So how do I view treating Lyme? It’s simple. Your body has become the host for a living organism. There’s nothing mythical about it. Like you and I it needs a home to survive. The spirochete itself will do whatever it can to protect itself. That means turning your body into an environment where it can thrive. The problem is this posses a threat to your body’s immune system and in turn posses a threat to your own survival.

Don’t let Lyme turn your body into a custom built, cushy little mansion with a view! It can’t survive in an environment that isn’t conducive. Learn to fight back and you’ll have everything you need to take control of your body again.

What Surviving Lyme Disease Is Not

Let’s cover some of the myths out there and set some realistic expectations so that you can begin your journey on the right foot:

  1. Surviving Lyme Disease is NOT easy and it does take a lot of work.
    I doubt anyone would think otherwise, but you will read a lot of silly statements about Lyme the more you look into it, so I think it’s important to get this right. Most doctors will tell you that a 15 to 30 day round of antibiotics is all you need to cure Lyme. Isn’t that rather naive? Since when has anything every been so universal. Sure this might work for someone who catches the disease immediately and has a bit of luck on their side, but that doesn’t mean we’re all genetically the same, or that we’d all be receptive to antibiotics in the exact same way. Everything from our diet, genetics, and our current state of health will make your situation different. But again, there is hope for all of us. It’s just a matter of sticking to your guns on this one and you will get better.
  2. Surviving Lyme Disease and overcoming the symptoms of Lyme Disease does NOT happen overnight.
    For me personally this was the hardest thing to understand. It took me a good three years with intense treatment to see major improvements. I would never lead anyone to believe otherwise. During that time there were small milestones of improvement that gave me the courage to keep going. To this day I still have side effects that linger, but boy am I glad I kept going. The path was long, expensive and very difficult but I am unequivocally better than I could have ever imagined. With my help, I hope to make your path shorter, less expensive and much easier. I was the Guinea pig in my situation, so don’t bother wasting your own time too.
  3. Surviving Lyme Disease is NOT impossible.
    Overcoming Lyme was a huge dream come true. I couldn’t believe the day when I finally realized how much better I felt. I get to spend time with my family again, go on walks and even play the occasional pick-up game of basketball. Most of all, I got to start a family and know that I would have the ability to provide for them. This lifestyle is possible, and I want you to experience it too!

Things To Do While Your Here

I have a few sections of the site I think are worth checking out. Take a look at some of the different ways you can use the Surviving Lyme Disease website below:

  • Get the FAQ’s – what is Lyme disease, how can you get it, and what are the symptoms.
    This is the place to start learning about Lyme disease to the fullest. I like to look at the whole picture, and you won’t find just the old text book answers here. I think every one of us is deserving of the truth and with that comes understanding. Only then do we have a chance to start getting better. So here it is, the good and the bad. Take it and run with it, because you can get better and I believe you will!
  • Learn the different ways to treat Lyme disease.
    Similar to above, I need to stress the fact that there are going to be a million different ways to treat your symptoms. Focusing on your body and the specific needs you have is my goal. Here you’ll find a lot of really useful information and with that some different protocols that just might work perfectly for you. I’ll show you the different methods I used and give you my thoughts on each of them so you can be better prepared to take on the disease yourself.
  • All the tools and information you’ll ever need for kicking Lyme to the curb.
    Here you’ll find my favorite resources. Everything from books to read, to common tools used to protect yourself when outdoors. I like to think of this page as a handy guide for dealing with situations. Sometimes it’s just best to see and learn first hand how something works and you won’t find a better place than right here.

My Story: Who I AM And Why I Care

I contracted Lyme disease and have been living with the consequences ever since. I learned to accept it, and to deal with not only the pain it brought, but also the way it changed every aspect of my life. It has never been easy, and I almost gave up hope entirely.

Coming from that dark place I felt cornered and lost, but something snapped inside of me. I was tired of being pushed around and overlooked by doctor after doctor. I finally decided to stop waiting for the health care industry to change and I took matters into my own hands. I pulled myself together and worked hard to finally get better. I now believe it is my duty and my pleasure to do everything I can to help others do the same. If nothing else I hope to provide that one person who might be on the verge of giving up like I was, to see that small glimmer of hope and to start believing in themselves again.

Learn more about me and my story here.

Thanks For Being Here!

First, I want to say thank you for being here. If you’ve read to this point then that says something about you. Maybe you have Lyme and maybe you don’t. Regardless, I want you to know I’m here for you. If you need a guide as you begin your journey to Surviving Lyme Disease, I would be honored.

I also want you to know, I will always do my best to respond to your emails! And I don’t hold myself above anybody. I’m not special; I’m just a guy who found a way to overcome Lyme disease, and if I’m being honest (which I promised I would be), I probably caught a bit of luck too. But either way, I believe in doing what you can, and I plan on doing just that. This disease may have felt like a curse at one point, but I have been fortunate to overcome it. There’s no point in wasting that opportunity and so here I am sharing what I know.

Thank you so much for being here, I so appreciate it. And if you’ve made it this far, I’d love for you to come say hi to me on my Facebook Page. I’ll definitely respond, and I look forward to meeting you! See you there!